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Scavolini programme to furnish homes with versatility, convenience and style.
Design that makes no distinction between personalisation and personality.


Two functions, one soul. Perfect integration and unlimited creativity.

Why choose an integrated system?

For its style, the attractive continuity of lines, tidiness, balance and uniformity of modules and spaces.

For the multipurpose convenience of a single room, to have everything in reach, to bring together work and relaxation, use and consumption, in perfectly harmonised contrasts.

– “FLUIDA” WALL SYSTEM / Kitchen module

It is a modular system that integrates with the kitchen using the same module, shapes and alignments. The side panels and shelves create a regular pattern of vertical and horizontal lines that offer plenty of potential for personalisation thanks to open fronted elements, back panels, hinged door fronts, big baskets and top and bottom hinged flap doors.


In this case the arrangement is not uniform, but it still links into and matches the mood and shapes of the kitchen. Freedom in line with the latest trends, different solutions that speak the same stylistic language: shapes, colours and creative ideas for designing compositions freely and without restrictions.

Free layout, geometrical rhythm. One room, multiple space.

Why choose an independent solution?

For the freedom to build up my living room just as I want it, with no preconditions.

To guarantee identity by opting for separate spaces, where I can express my character in relation to the specific function and retain diversity of style and privacy.

– “FLUIDA” WALL SYSTEM / Kitchen Module
The living room can be furnished with the kitchen module even with no kitchen present.

– “FLUIDA” WALL SYSTEM / 365 Module
Regularity has the advantage of harmonising vertical and horizontal lines with every type of door and opening.

Storage modules with absolute freedom of composition, with none of the constraints that come from integration with the kitchen.

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To allow you to make an initial selection, Scavolini has created a general living furniture catalogue, full of ideas and solutions.
The Scavolini Living catalogue, complete with all the new Scavolini items, will allow you to appreciate the wide range of models in terms of styles and finishes on offer from Scavolini Livings.

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