Kitchen tables, an essential feature of every design scheme

The focal point of shared food and socialisation. If the kitchen is the centre of a home, the table is another of its key elements, offering vast design potential.
Every product is different, unique and customisable, fitting perfectly into the kitchen or the contemporary living and cooking area. The ideal kitchen table accommodates lunches and dinners but is has elegance and prestige. It must be chosen with both practical and aesthetic factors in mind. This is particularly true when the kitchen forms part of an open space, where the table becomes the protagonist of the domestic environment.
Scavolini’s latest kitchen table models, in traditional or contemporary style, have been designed in response to the latest furnishing trends: made from choice materials and sophisticated in form, they provide the meeting-point between kitchen and living area
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In the kitchen…not just furnitures, Chairs too

In all materials and colours, creating special corners for sitting together.

The concept of the “expanded” kitchen that has gained ground during the last few years offers a wealth of options for an imaginative rethink of the furniture layout. For example, the new spaces happily accommodate interesting alternatives to traditional seating. We mean the standard chairs around the kitchen table, where family meals are eaten. But nowadays this is not all people do in the kitchen: lots of people use them every day for a pre-dinner drink with friends or a quick snack together, and with this in mind they add casual “corners” with kitchen chairs of more and more attractive design.
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All you have to do now is to find the stool

So you’ve opted for a modern kitchen, the fresh and original materials and colours a key factor in your decision. All you have to do now is add the finishing touch: what stools should you go for?
Your decision can be based on various different criteria: the type of material, the shape or simply the colour
However, you should bear one thing in mind: never renounce comfort and usability.
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Discover our selection for decorative design Rugs

Unmistakably Scavolini: rugs that define new concepts in style.

Elegant and exclusive accessories that have the power to harmonize spaces, bridging styles for new ideas in interior decorating.
A traditional model from the Orient, with its eternal wisdom; the budding trends of international design, the very natural quality of vegetable silk and wool are perfectly intertwined in this brand new collection of rugs: a new opportunity for Scavolini style to reach and enrich the beauty of every floor with valuable pieces that meet the needs of decorators and of those who have always dreamed in the colours and nuances of our rugs.

Design & Style: a place of honour in the living room for trendy rugs

Rugs defining new interior design ideas
The most traditional models of Oriental workmanship meet international design creating a new rugs collection to furnish the living.
Distinctive pieces, elegant and exclusive accessories, objects embellishing the flooring…the new Scavolini rugs collection defines new style concepts satisfing the needs of home furnishing.

Travel: Hand-sewn seams, each piece is one of a kind, and adapts to any style whether classic, ethnic or contemporary.

Velvet Skin: Vintage effect, velvety softness, strong chromatic impact. Made from 100% vegetable silk, brillant and natural.

Moving: Tactile, floral, geometric. Is made of 100% heat-set polypropylene. A distillate of unexpected styles to satisfy every taste.

Lounge: Minimalist design created by five different intertwined textures. Is made from 70% PVC 70% and 30% PE.